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Monday, April 13, 2009

Decisions around suspension

Well been quite some time so thought i should do a bit of an update. The car has not moved much since the clevis plate snapped and after I got it back home I pulled out all of the suspension and after Christmas sent it up to Fulcrum to see if they can repair it.
There were quite a few problems that were not worth fixing with it so I have been looking at some new suspension for the car and researching around at different options. The original Teins from the report that Fulcrum gave had bent shafts in the front and rear passenger side's, the oil was burnt. The clevis plates needed replacing obviously and with the passenger side snapped and the drivers cracked. There was a fair few other things that needed fixing but just looking at the above I could have bought a new set for the price to get this fixed so was not really an option.

A few options for replacement suspension were DMS, Murray Coote and Bilstein from Heasmans as well as some of the high end Japanese stuff which looked quiet interesting. I will get some more details and when I finally make a decision and put up some more of the info etc.

Wiring the Race Technology DL1 and Dash 2

The dash has been taking quiet some time and basically has been ongoing since before the Autosalon and kids race day when the suspension broke so getting the shits and wanting it to be finished. The Kids race day was the first test for the dash and beside looking cool i didn’t get to test it out much.

Here is how the car has been since the Kids race Day.
Posted Image

Some of the sensors

Air Inlet Sensor just before the throttle body