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Monday, October 29, 2018

Trailer tyre issues

Found an issue with clearance on the trailer of the rear tyres.
The center guard has a support and it is very close to the rear tyres, it seems to have started to rub causing a section of the tyre and be worn down.

I need to cut it off and then weld it back on to fix it.

Understanding the possible reason for the clutch failure

Andrew from ASR picked up on an issue today that was missed in the previous install and most likely would have been the cause of the clutch failure.
Using a flat ruler he checked the flatness of the clutch discs and found them to be bent out in the center, this was very odd and along with the failure of the retaining plates, which he had never seen before just didn't seem right.

In the installation instructions it shows that 4mm must be taken off the center shaft otherwise it can cause a failure.

Checking with another box he was able to confirm that that 4mm was not taken off the input shaft which meant the center bearing was pushing too far into the center of the clutch and bowing out the clutch discs eventually causing the retaining plates failure.

Trailer tie downs

After a recent trip to Wakefield, driving back the rear tow down had come loose and the car was only secured by the two front tie downs.
When I got home and realized I could see that the car had moved back about 30 cm and onto where I had secured the splitter using the remaining strapping from the now loose tie down. Had I hit the brakes hard there was nothing stopping it from moving forward.

I have been using the following method for some time which is, two tie downs off reinforced front tie down points on the car to custom eye bolts on the draw bar. One one strap across and through the rear diff cradle. 
This method  has worked well up until now, with 11h trips to Phillip Island and having minimal issues, I think a mix of tiredness and not tightening the straps correctly have caused the issue. Time for a rethink.

I have been looking online at a number of different options and methods and came across one that uses the existing 50mm wide tie downs and a short strap that they go through, this then forms a loop that goes over the wheel and is tied down at an angle to the sides of the trailer.

A lot suggested only two were required but I wanted to be sure so have gone with 4.
First attempt and it seems to secure things well although there is some slight movement forward and back which has me worried a little.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Clutch rebuild kit arrived

The replacement clutch has arrived through Otomoto, i ordered it on the 1st October and it has taken a little while longer but i allowed 4 weeks just in case.