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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DBA 5000 T3 - Replacement Rotors (Donuts)

Have not done much with the car for a while now and i needed to replace the front rotors after some large cracks appeared so arranged some new ones from John @ Unique Automotive who looked after me.
 They are the new T3 spec which is kind of funky but i reckon the reason they changed the rotor slots is so now there is no left and right side of the rotor so would save them a bundle in production costs.

 This is the "Kangaroo Paw" design which seems to work OK although i prefer the curved vein style which you used to be able to custom order but not you can't
 Pulling of the calipers by undoing these two large bolts at the back of the rotor
 Caliper off and i can just slip out the rotor now
 Undoing the bolts on the disk hat that attach it to the steel rotor
 Slides off after some assistance from mr hammer
 Hat off and old rotor with bolts still in it
 These are the nuts that come with the replacement rotors, they come in every rotor you buy

 You have to torque them to 13nm
 All done and the black marks are me marking each nut as i go to ensure i don't miss one from being torqued to correct specs
 Another shot of undoing the other rotor

Split Fire Coil Packs - Earthing to Coil body Issue

You can see where spark has been earthing to the body of the coil pack, two coils were the worst but the other two you can see signs of it earthing but these ones are easier to see with the camera phone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Suspension Set Up Chart

Here is cool flow chart i tidied up on what changes you can make to your suspension set up for particular issues.