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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Battery Isolation

Not sure if you have seen these before?
Brise EV200 Battery Isolator

Available on Demon Tweaks. They look like a nice clean option although for a battery isolation kit that you can have two remote push button switches to cut the power rather then the normal 6 pole FIA red switch and remote cable.

I was thinking of buying one but the price is a fair bit!!!

So after some late night research i worked out that these are actually a TE product that has has the name changed to Brise.
The part number for the Tyco Product is Kilovac EV200 Series - EV200hAANA

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Circuit Breakers

I didn't know this but there are two types of Circuit Breakers

Thermal & Magnetic

    •Typically less expensive.
    •Trip point varies with the ambient temperature.

   •Typically more expensive.
    •Temperature stable over a wide range.
    •Available with different time delays before tripping.
    •One- through four-pole models.

Here is a Tyco W57 series one, Tyco seems to have reasonable quality Thermal ones although this one is not temperature compensated.

You can get the temperature compensated ones which seem to be the best overall as the normal ones are designed to work within certain temps and like the Tyco and have a lower vibration resistance. They specify as the temp rises the different cut out rates

A brand that is really good are the Klixon and suited to what is needed is the 2TC range. 

It has some nice features like
• Miniature size
• Light weight
• Trip free
• Mil-quali cation
• Current rating 1-35 amperes
• Coordinated ratings
• High vibration resistance
• High interrupt capacity

Another brand is E-T-A and Type: 412 goes up to 25amp

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - The Tools - Mil Spec Wire Stripper

As i mentioned in when i was showing the Mil Spec wire in an earlier post, you really need proper tools to strip the wires with. The coating is so thin and so strong it is next to impossible to strip with a pair of normal pliers without doing damage especially the smaller wire gauge stuff. You can use a razor blade but it is tedious and also you cant do it without removing a few strands or wire or nicking a strand or two potentially weakening the crimp joints you may be using.

Preparing Wire & Cable.pdf

The only way to strip them seems to be with the proper tools and doing a bit of research i keep coming up with an American company called

Re-Wire, Re-Started - The Tools - Clearly Identifying Things

Some more shinny stuff arrived in the mail today that i will need for the job.

One piece i am worried about is being able to clearly identify each wire. The mess i had before was really hard to work out where everything went because it was thrown together without too much care so if i was going to do it myself i wanted to make sure i didn't repeat others mistakes.

I found whilst different colors helps i wanted to put some

Monday, August 19, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - The Wire - MIL Spec Wire Arrived

The wire I ordered arrived today. Cost wise it was actually a similar price to what I paid for the normal electrical wire but the extra cost will come in the tools needed to strip the wire.

 You can use a

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Research - Pictures of Connectors

Trying to work out all the connectors for the engine loom so i can purchase new ones.
Here is photos if anyone wants them
Here is the rest