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Friday, August 26, 2011

some much needed work

Dropping the car off to get Andrew to do some much needed work on it. I have a bit of a list of things that need doing

Fix HID lights
      For some reason the Std S14a lights when flashing them turn the normal lights off for a split second, if you look at the wiring diagram you can even see that it does it. This would normally not be an issue but with the HID's when the power gets cut they are going into a protection mode and shutting down, you can just imagine driving along and then having no lights all of a sudden.
Thermo fan
      We pulled off the std clutch fan a while ago and need to fit the stock thermo fan back into the car on a temperature switch so it turns on automatically when needed. The suggestion is that this will be enough cooling for the track and hopefully around town although still a bit worried if it will not be enough.
Oil cooler brackets
      These have been damaged and need fixing as well as strengthening, should be pretty simple to do but needs to be fixed up.
Check over car
      Once over the car checking and tightening all bolts and suspension looking for any damage or cracks in the arms and joints and replacing or tightening as required
Front splinter
      Fit a new front splitter, aim to reduce weight and improve strength over previous model and the best possible cost
Fit wing
      Fitting of the new wing, chassis mounted and having to cut the body panels to fit.
Tow Hook
                    Make up a tow hook

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kognition Wing Unpacked

Some photos of the unpacking of the Kognition wing, a few problems with the manufacturing that i am disappointed in but with how much of a dick this guy is i don't want to stuff around anymore.
Comes with a hat and the envelope is the template, bascially a A4 piece of paper. No instructions but you can kind of work things out
This is the $400 worth of extra value - a cover piece for the rear lights and a square piece of carbon.

The chassis mounting frames and all the nuts and bolts that come with the kit.

Wing end plates, you can also see the carbon fiber when the wing was made has been pinched.
This looks like sanding on all the edges of the wing which is very rough.
A scratch, could have occurred in transit but with the way it was packed i am not sure. You can see how the way the mounts are glued into the wing which is a little rough. You don't see this on a Voltex wing i guess.
The ding in the wing, there is no way this happened in transit, you can see the edge of the wing and how it is screwed in.
This is the join i was not real happy about and a shot of how the end plates are attached.
As you could imagine by now the overall experience has not been the best and i would not recommend personally anyone else go through the same thing with this business. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

new stickers for the tool box and one for the car

i put some extra stickers on my tool box, added the hi octane racing and option two ones today.

Don't normally put stickers on my car but made an exception in this case and added the speedhunters stickers to both quarter windows. Think they look good and not too big which doesn't change the overall clean look of the car

Sunday, August 14, 2011

new tools

have been using kinchrome tools for while now, always found they to be of good quality and never had any problems but today i was in repco and saw this set for $199. Pretty good quality and great price on special so i decided to give them go. Lifetime warranty as well so hopefully happy spannering.