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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Firewall Alternator Power Connector

This afternoon I was pretty happy with myself. After 2 weeks of doing nothing much aside from things to do with other then car i managed to get into the shed and watch the Wakefield 300 and then V8s whilst fiddling with the car.

I managed to get the Alternator firewall connector drilled and pretty much fitted as well as changing the rear of the power panel. I had to do this as after deciding to go with the Tyco isolation switch I needed to change the wiring around a bit.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Battery Isolation Switch Install

Tonight I started to install the battery isolation switch. I have decided to mount it on the transmission tunnel and use two Rivnut inserts to bolt it in with, the brass holes on the Tyco Kilovac ev200h are 5.5mm and I needed them to be 6mm for a M6 Rivnut so I drilled them out to 6mm.
I then added on a 2 pin deutsch dtm connector for the on and off switches to simply connect into. I have added in the two rivnuts and used hex m6 20mm bolts to secure it to the tunnel.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Deutsch Connectors

For the connectors for the wiring i am using Deutsch connectors. The are really nice but pricy although I found going direct to the Australian distributer they were very affordable. Much cheaper then I could even find in the states.

Here is some photos of the 12 pin connector being put together for the Race Technology DL1 and installing the pins for the connector using the proper crimp tool.

These are the pins

Re Wire, Re Started - Engine Loom

So after a fair while of doing nothing on the car I started to connect up some of the engine loom.
I bought all new connectors from online which has made it easier.