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Monday, November 29, 2010

diff chattering fixed!!!!

Well i was a little sick today so I decided to stay at home for a mental health day.

I thought it might be nice to drive up to Hornsby and talk to Langs about my diff as for those of you that have seen the car driving around before the diff for as long as I know it is about as subtle as a brick through your window with a note saying have a very ****ing merry Christmas.

So driving in the guy nearly has a heart attack and says it's the worst he has ever herd!!!!

I was talking and my thoughts were something like uni joints flogged, LSD plates worn or teeth missing from the crown or pinion wheels but no... He said that the chattering is caused by the plates in the LSD gripping then letting go or sliding and it is amplified by the drive train.

He also suggested to not use a fully synthetic LSD oil as he suggested just sticking to a mineral based oil and adding "friction modifier"?

So i grab a bottle of friction modifier from him for $20 then head off to Autobarn an pick up some reasonable priced Penrite Sin LSD oil.

Get back home and change over the fluid in the car and add in most of the friction modifier(forgot to add the rest of the bottle as had by then filled it up to much).

Went for a drive around town and immediately made a massive difference!!!!!

There is still some noise don't get me wrong but nothing compared to what it was before. Apparently it should further reduce as the friction modifier works it's way into the clutch plates.

Anyway thought I would share my experiences with you and chuck up some photos of the products I used.

Also changed the motor oil and think i need to change the gearbox oil as well now, found the problem with the water sensor and it is a faulty resistor on the sensor - faulty or broken probally the latter then became a fault.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

E85 power, car feels great.

went for a drive today with the butt plug in, decided to fill up the car and 4 jerry cans and whilst i was at it drop by the workshop and see how james was going with his car,

Traffic on VIctoria and then Paramatta road was a pain, saw a 180sx ADZ-180 but the owner didn't seem to want to look over and say hi?

Dropped in on the guys and quickly decided to take some happy laps, left the butt plug in and went up and down the road a few times. Very strong mid range but you could feel it at the top.

Puled out the butt plug and amazing stuff, thing pulled like a freight train and was very happy with how it felt.
Bring on the next track day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

10.5inch wide Volk CE28n's

This is what 10.5in wide CE28n's in look like, thinki like these more then the other ones but not sure what to buy as i will still need to run spaces with this offset on these wheels. Might allow easier to sell in the future as GTR offset,

Car all fixed and picked it up from Unigroup - 3 times....

Picked up the car this morning and showed Unigroup the camshaft and rocker, suggestion it could be a hydralic lifter problem but noted that on the dyno the car felt very strong and no sign of any missing or faults.

Was able to put a little bit more boost into the car and adjust the wastegate to bring it on sooner but it would only hold 17psi at peak boost. I think we are at about the most we can get out of the  GTRS and will need to go to a larger turbo.

Took the car for a drive and it feels strong, starting in 4th from 3000rpm it pulls good then as the boost comes further on you can really feel the surge ahead. On off throttle and blips it is quick to respond and generally the car feels really alive.

Drove out the road and realise after a call from Michele i had left my rego papers there so turned around and picked them up. I didn't havre lots of fuel in the car but thought i could make it to James to check out his progress and bum around for a bit but about 5min away from James Unigroup call to say i left my keys there.

Had to say a quick hello they go back to unigroup and pick up the house keys, i reckon i would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!!!!

Made it back home ok but worried about how much i can get out of a tank of fuel.

Car still has a few knocks in the steering which i think is the rack as replaced the tie rods which were gone anyway. It could be the steering wheel simply not bolted on properly which i have had before but not sure.

Got to replace the wiring for the DL1 as it is to light duty and get interference as well as affected by head so now the water temp sensor is not working.

Also fit exhaust and fit oil leak - it never ends.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25th November 2010

dropped the car off at unigroup for them to look over the car and touch up the tune after the new cam has been installed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New shoes

Today i checked out the cams by removing the rocker cover and all looked OK after a few hundred klm's, also replaced the tie rods and fitted the new wheels to the car.

Not sure about the wheels but here are a few shots, would be interested in any feedback

Friday, November 19, 2010

tie rod ends fail

Well it looks like the special rod ends that John got for me have not cut the mustard and are in need of replacement.
Rather then go for something similar again i am have got my hands on a set of new tein tie rods and tie rod ends from Martin for a great price so i will replace the entire thing.

Friday, November 12, 2010

finishing of installing the replacement exhaust cam

Finished off the install this afternoon with Andrew,

Tightening the cam gear onto the cam

 Now putting the caps back on over the cam

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Installing replacement cam

Picked up the replacement cam and rocker arm this afternoon and Andrew came round and pull the old one out.
Aim was to put the new one back in but we could not get the cam pin out so he has taken it home with him tonight and will remove it hopefully...

Here are a few photos

Cam out and caps off
Shot of the springs and hydraulic lifter

Rocker that was replaced, the wear is quiet bad and a deep groove is aross the face of the rocker

Here are the fauly cam and rocker, you can sort of see the groove on the rocker a bit better. These cams have done probally 250klm max since new

Close up of the damaged lobe, on the right you can see the lip that has developed.

Trying to get the cam pin out to no avail, we heated the cam to try and loosen.

Installing the rocker arm stoppers for good measure

Close up of the rocker arm stoppers

hopefully we will finish it off tomorrow and crank her up, fingers crossed everthing is ok

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

new rocker arm stoppers on there way

order a set of rocker stoppers on the weekend and recieved them today.
On track to pick up the new cam and rocker tomorrow hopefully

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Faulty exhaust cam up close

Took some pictures today of the cams and the scouring that has occoured on the number 2 exhaust cam.

Here is the number 3 cylinder on the exhaust side
And here is the number 2 cylinder, notice across the face it is quiet poor but on the left there is a lip that has developed from uneven wear.

Quiet clearly in this shot you can see the differences, left is perfect as it should be considring they have only been in the car less then 500klm and on the right is the damaged lobe.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

running on 3 cylinders

Pulled the car off the trailer at home and it sounded like a boxer engine, totally devastated!!!!
To add insult to injury the jerry car i put on the driver seat the cap was not put on properly and it leaked over my seat leaving a pool of E85 on the seat then my bum as i had to drive if off the trailer.
Called Andrew who was already at home and he came round to look at the problem to work out what it was. He used his Oscilloscope on the number 2 injector and it was pulsing so that was not the issue although it could be pulsing and not sending any fuel.

We checked the compression and it was 40psi down on number 2 cyl - my heart sank.

When we pulled the spark plug out it was wet (at the track day it was dry so something changed in that time) It looked like fuel was getting into the cylinder so either that injector was putting extra into the cylinder or we had cleaned the blockage.

The only other thing it could have been was a broken or misaligned rocker that had moved around so we took off the cam cover and found that the exhaust cam lobe on the number 2 cylinder was badly scored.
After a lengthy call to Unigroup the thought process is that it is a porous cam fault causing the wear as there is no wear on the other lobes which could be from a blockage on the oil squirters. They are going to gring down the cam and see if there are any air pockets in the metal.

They are sourcing a replacement cam and rocker and Andrew will put them in and we can take the car back to Unigroup for further fault finding.

1:04.2614 around Wakefield then engine fail

Well woke early in cold Goulburn this morning after making a late run down from picking up the car Friday night. Was fortunate enough that Michele's dad lives there so had free accommodation and a nice big bed to sleep in.Made my way out and was the second person to arrive and started to unload the car off the trailer and the tools and spares from the car.

Cold start was poor and it took a fair bit to get the car started and needed to press the accelerator pedal to get it to kick over. Idle was quiet poor with it hunting around a fair bit so will need to get Unigroup to work on this.
Had the wheels i borrowed from James on the back of the car so pulled these off, sorted out th rest of the car got it scruitenered and signed on for the day.

First session was a passenger session and was sliding around the track with under then over steer everywhere, after about 3 laps and some heat got into the tires it started to grip up and with Eddy in the car it felt reasonable good. There was some transient hesitation on the on-off throttle application that started and felt a little wrong

Next session was the first timed session and the car developed a miss in the engine that was on and off, got one good lap in and smashed my PB record.
Managed a 1:04.2614

Next session it was even worse so bought the car in after a few laps and it sounded like it was running on 3 cyl - which it was.
I initially thought it was the fuel filter which we changed over and looked at the old one and there was nothing wrong with it.

Checked the num 2 cyl and pulled off the coil plug and it didn't make a difference so we quickly realised it was something else. Changed the coil packs - no difference, Changed the igniter and no difference.
Noticed the AFM was dirty so we cleaned that as well but no real difference.

Packed up the car and bought it home

Friday, November 5, 2010

Picked up the car - 261rwkw

Car was tuned today and a little disapointed.
Unigroup could not run more then 20psi on the car which i thought with the E85 you could run a lot higher boost. Similar cars are running increased boost and it is getting some hesitation when he try's to put more boost into it and we are not sure why.
I got there around 5pm and after talking to them we gapped the plugs down further to 0.7mm as it might be he boost pressure blowwing out the spark.
Got the bill and was asked to pay cash which i don't have that sort of money and i checked when i dropped the car off and i was going to use the credit card. All up $2650 but i remember before i worked out it was $2700 with the valve springs that we did not use on the car so might have to check the breakdown with them.

Here is the comporasion between the 98oct run with the vct problem and the final e85 run with the vct fixed. This is the lambada readings and there is quiet a dip at the start which Unigroup suggested the Power FC was a common fault, might have to investigate this further as it has not done it before and may be something else causing it.

Boost you can see i need to get a larger wastegate spring to hold higher boost and allow better control.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

last minute running around - tune on E85 today

dropped car off this morning at Unigroup and we drained the rest of the 98 in the tank by disconecting the fuel return hose off the reg, plugging the hole and running the car pumping into a jerry can.
Once it ran out we put a little bit of E85 in the tank and cranked it up again to drain most of the 98 oct out.
Getting a tune today, cold start tune Friday morning then i will pick it up on Friday afternoon on the way down to wakefield.

Off now after dinner to pick up some E85 from Roselle (hopefully they are still open)

Nothing like leaving it to the last minute......

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

replacing VTC (VCT) cam gear s14 - s14a - s15

Installed the new VCT gear tonight with the help of Andrew
New VCT Gear
Old VCT Gear still on the cam

 Cleaning the head and removing the VCT gear
Installing the new VCT gear

The Old VCT gear

Monday, November 1, 2010

HKS Step 1 Vs Unigroup Cams - Back to Back

Posting up my results from the dyno run with the HKS cams compared to the Unigroup ones. These have my valve springs in them which are uprated.

HKS cams peak power is at 15.5psi and the Unigroup was only at 15psi so probally is the best comparison you could get.

THe HKS Cams the VCT comes on at about 4800rpm - 5000rpm (you can see the little wiggle in the power curve). The Unigroup cams around 6000 - 6200 rpm.

From about 3400rpm to 4000rpm the HKS cams make higher power but the Unigroup cams are higher through the remainder of the rev range.

step 1 hks and the unigroup are custom cams (252 intake 11.5mm, 259 exhaust 11.9mm), both had the same upgraded valve springs.
Both use the std vct gear.

The second graph is where the VCT started to crap itself and for me kind of gives an indication as to if the VCT is worth while or not.

Aiming to get a new VCT gear and tuned on E85 before the track day hopefully but not to promising.

New fuel rail, id1000 injectors and 98oct tune

Picked up the car this afternoon and drove it back home.

Took some happy snaps of the fuel rail, pressure regulator and injectors which have been installed.

The tune on 98 i am pretty happy with initially without seeing the final power figure due to the VCT cam gear failing. Idle is much better as is the transient throttle compared to what it was previously with a much crisper throttle. It was pissing down rain so could not give it a boot full but drove nicely in the wet on the way home.

Here are some photos

Fuel Rail and injector harness

 Close up of the injector and collar

 Fuel Pressure Reg
Fuel Rail End