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Thursday, December 30, 2010

some more shopping

well i was home from work sick today and decided to go for a drive as was a bit hot at home.First we went to Baby Warehouse (had Michele's sister and her child with me, Michele was playing golf with her new golf set for XMAS.) which was funny as we were walking around the store and the sales assistant was saying go to daddy!!!!! Then went to blacktown and Gasweld for a bit of a look see, lots of nice things there and picked up a tyre inflator for $25. (bunnings had one for $19.95 - bummer)

Then went on the way back to bunnings and went a little stupid, bought some car stands (see previous post) as well as a Makita Angle Grinder ($69 - Bargin) in preperation for doing some grinding on the car trailer, some ear muffs($15) and also a air blower($9.94).
Also picked up and industrial 45cm fan ($89) for the garage as it is getting hot in there ATM and michele won't let me air condition it....

Kingchrome Car Stands - $39.90 pair @ Bunnings

Bought some car stands from bunnings today, they had good quality kingchrome car stands for $39.90 a pair. Visiting Gasweld their own brand was $45 so these brand name ones were a bargin.

I have been using some SCA type ones and really they are not the best and a little unsettling so looking forward to being a little safer.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The gearbox bung - drain plug from hell

Some fuck arse workshop who last changed my gear box oil used super glue or something on the bloody bung and for the life of me i can't get it out. I have pretty much fucked it now and resorting to welding the cut down bolt i made up with the angle grinder onto the bung so hopefully i can crack it.
Used breaker bar, breaker bar with very long extention, breaker bar with hammer, wd40, blow torch and vice grips, vice grips hammer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

E85 on Fuel Filters

Well seeing as i was playing with the oil filters i cracked out my fuel filters from using E85. The first filter unfortunatly which was only used for 10ltrs was chucked out so the second filter had about 50ltrs through it give or take
I replaced it at the recent track day thinking there was an issue but as you can see there was nothing wrong with it.

The third filter (on nthe right below) was in the car for probally about 200ltrs of fuel or more with extended periods of E85 in the tank. You can see the difference as the E85 cleans and discolours the filter.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Nissan Oil Filter vs Ryco Filter

I cracked open a std nissan filter a while ago and honestly was surprised with the poor quality of it, after a lot of feedback was always to use the Nissan filters becasue they were better i thought i would cut open the next filter i buy and check out the differences between the two.

Here is some photos between the Ryco and the Nissan filter, personally i like the closer pleats and metal vs fibre ends.
I had to put a screwdriver through the ryco filter to get it off so you can see some of the damage it has caused.
 On the right is the nissan one vs the ryco on the left
 Nissan End of filter with anti drain back seal
Ryco end of filter,

 The two compared together
 my hack job and the springs, the Ryco uses a spring and the nissan a flexable plate, i like the nissan better in this instance.
 The fibrous ends on the nissan filter
 Ryco end

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas, having a well earned break for 4 days then back to work. Might tinker a little and post up some pictures.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Diff Oil Again

Well the diff didn't work out 100% and i suspect it has to do with the cooking it got whilst buring round 100laps of Wakefield. I pulled the oil out and it looked fine which was a relief but the diff had gone back to being noisy again, i suspect becasue i did not measure the friction modifyer and only put half a bottle in the diff that there were some issues so this time i bought a more broader weight mineral oil with friction modifyer from Autobarn.

Trying to find something resonal in price that does a good job so we will see how it goes. Measured 2 ltrs out into a bottle then added the bottle of friction modifyer as it recomended a bottler for every 2 ltrs of oil.

Called Nulon 85w-140 Limited Slip Differential Oil with G70 Manual Gearbox and Diff Treatment. The oil is enought for two changes and just need to grab another bottle of G70.
Haven't driven in the car yet so we will see how it goes.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wakefield Park on a Saturday deserted!!!!

noticed a few weeks ago a saturday and sunday wakefield park open day was coming up this weekend and thought after last times troubles it might be nice to sneak in a few happy laps before the years end.

Found out that some big motorcycle event had been canceled hence the open day so they were not expecting many cars due to the late notice.

Checked out the weather forecast and all looked well for a great day.

Rocked up @ 7:45am on Saturday morning and unpacked the tow car and took my car off the trailer to be greated by this.

There was noon else here, how great was this i was about to have my very own personal wakefield park for the day to myself!!!

Alas it was not to be with 3 small trucks each with V8's in them, a open wheeler and 3 other cars  V8/Evo/Utes ended up turning up at some stage.

I took with me 4 jerry cans and a full tank and ended up doing close to 100 laps, finishing off the A050's and managing a 1.05.04.
Also got to drive Michele's older brothers brand new M3 for a very careful hand timed 1.13 round the track.

COuld not run anything less then 3/4 of a tank of juice and had major fuel surge issues pushing 1.5g's round some of the corners. Also the diff rocked over 135deg's in temp which has me worried but car performed well for the heat during the day and the 100 odd laps i was able to do.