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Monday, October 26, 2015

Unfinished and unresolved

I sit here contemplating what i have achieved so far and then what remaining things are needed to be done. It is a small list compared to when i started but somehow seems like a long list.
It is interesting how your priorities can change over time. Things that once were are large part of your life no longer seem as important as they once did to you.
That feeling i longed for to go as fast as i could, wavers as time passes on.
Not yet completely replaced but it seems to have sunken away to be more a memory and not so much as a burning desire. The enjoyment that i received from something is not the same ad it once was and has started to be replaced by new priorities.

Children take more and more spare time that you have away, it is a new thing but one that with it brings with it amazing rewards. That little cuddle you receive, falling asleep in your arms, lighting up when you come into the room and saying Daddy. It is pretty special stuff.
I don't think all has gone though and there is still something that is inside of me i cant put my finger on. Tonight i went out into the shed and pondered over the car, i put the battery charger on and thought to myself that i might start to tinker again.......