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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Clutch spring retainer broken

So i finally managed to get some free time and motivation to pull the gearbox out after the eastern creek track day last month.
Man those top bolts are a pain to get to, i  removed the exhaust and top intercooler piping then got long extensions and got most of them except the top two on the passenger side.

These are always the pain in the arse ones as they get heat from the turbo and exhaust. After stuffing around for ages i managed to get a spanner onto both of them and crack them loose.
I didn't have a rear gearbox/tail shaft piece to stop the oil coming out so i just drained all the oil to stop it coming out. Adding in some extra safety with two straps around the box i managed to get it off and remove the clutch. 

Turns out the spring retainer on the 2nd clutch plate had failed. The intermediate plate and flywheel have coped a bit of abuse as well but not bad for a clutch installed in 2003. Need to get a rebuild kit now and then machine the flywheel and out it all back in but i might get someone to do it as i cant do it myself i think.