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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Circuit Breakers, Tape and Motorsport Heatshrink

Picked up the heatshrink, circuit breakers and tape today
Up close of the circuit breaker, these thinks are

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Center Console - Laying out the Breakers

Started laying out the center console piece and mounting all the breakers and switches today. 
 I was going to run a buss bar across the power section of the breakers but i was worried about it shorting out so i made up wires between the breakers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Center Console

Here is some more progress of the center console as i am playing around with how i want it to work. I was thinking of cutting the sides off the dash but now thinking i will leave them, need to fit all the circuit breakers, isolation switch, relays and switches on the panel and in behind so want to make sure i get all this right.
I might have to make up some connectors so you can pull the panel out easily if needed but this will add a lot of cost so still undecided and it is driving me insane

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Heat Shrink

So running through a few prices i originally wanted to go with the Raychem DR-25 but even though i can get it in smaller qtys i just could not justify the price.

Here is a breakdown of the pricing if you wanted

Raychem DR-25
1/4 - $4.60+ per mtr (100mtr spool)
1/2 - $5.40+ per mtr (60mtr spool)
1" - $12.85+ per mtr (30mtr spool)

I got some prices from another place in 5mtr lengths at about double the prices above
eg - 1/4 - $9.20+per mtr (Multiples of 5 mtr lengths only)

Another thought was a product that meets the same specs as the Raychem called Raceline 150
Raceline 150 (American Brand)

1/4 - $4.75+ per mtr (50mtr spool)
1/2 - $7.55+ per mtr (50mtr spool)
1" - $14.45+ per mtr (30mtr spool)

Finally i settled on the HellermannTyton SE28 which is the same Mil Specs as the Raychem Dr-25 and similar prices but i can get it by the mtr.

Here is what i have worked out i needed with a fair bit of margin for error.

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Circuit Breakers

Working out the number of Circuit breakers i want and have come up with the following

100amp Circuit Breaker100
Lights Front25
Fuel Pump25
ECU & DL115
Parker Lights, Brake & Rear Lights20

Pretty sure i have got the amps right in total with the fuel pump very close and i would have preferred to go with a 30amp one
Going with the Klixon 2TC ones

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Center Console

I didn't get much work done this weekend on the car with a fair few other things on but last this afternoon i wanted to at least get the center console started as i needed it to work out where everything will mount to.

I am thinking about the top section so i just cut it roughly so i could get the sides made up. The sides bolt to the standard dash bar and the front panel just has 4 screws to remove. This will make it relay easy to work on and get easy access too.

I want to put the start switch and battery isolation switch on this panel along with the circuit breakers. I am toying with the idea of mounting the relays on the side of the console but it would mean i have to cut the bottom half of the dash. 

I am not sure about this so let me know your thoughts ( would angle them the other way with where my finger is being more towards the gear stick then the top)

 I would basically cut off the bottom section here.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Nissan & Other Connectors

All the Nissan connectors for the engine arrived. I bought an entire kit as i wanted to start fresh rather then potentially having issues carry on from before.
I also picked up some other supplies this time

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Measuring twice

So today I tackled the getting the engine loom length right and bundling it together.
Here it is ready to check the length and the junctions are right

You can see how small and light