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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Joining the loom

You know what..... I have really been enjoying playing around in the garage again, i was lucky enough to do some more wiring on Australia day in between bbqs and have been able to also do some bits each night this week.
The wiring I am finding is quiet therapeutic especially after the stresses from work, i can focus on something else whilst listing to some nice tunes on the radio or Soundcloud.

Over the last week or so, I completed both Ecu plugs and the main harness. Even after having a little trouble with the knock sensor wire i was able to get in everything neat and tidy. 

This time purposefully i have left most of the heat shrinking till last.

With the connections from the main panel i had to join and crimp a couple together which was a little tricky but the right tools made it a bit easier.

This example is for the front and rear tail lamps as i wont have a park setting.

Here is the crimp for the Deutsch DT connector which is rated quiet high for amperage and will be more than enough for each power circuit.

Here you can see some further tidy up of the Main Panel which i did by routing all the wires together and zip tieing them together on the back of the panel then i am planning to shrink from the edge of the panel.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

There is always one wire

Well after a long hiatus and a lot of peer pressure i have gone back into the shed to tinker some more with the car.

First job was to check the loom for continuity and as luck would have it i have found one wire that seems to have an issue, problem is that i got a little ahead of myself and had already put the heat shrink on.
I thought about just running this one wire separately as it was the only one i have found but i didnt want to spoil all my hard work so i am going to do it right and strip off all the shrink.