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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Wakefield PB 1:02.406

Went to Wakefield Park today, the day was very cold and windy with rain the day before leaving pools of water throughout the pit and garage area and sections of the track having running water going across them.
The forecast wasn't looking too bad before the day so turning up in the morning this was a big downer and i was not very hopeful of getting any good times.

First session was a passenger session and

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rear sway bar link - threaded bolt

whilst under the car today picked up this bolt on the sway bar link i had forgotten about, it is threaded and can't be fully done up. Need to see if i can get the thread fixed that is in the subframe.

Fixing Exhaust

Dropped into Castle Hill Exhaust this afternoon to get the flanges modified on my current exhaust. They are the Japanese style and have bent over time meaning they don't seal properly and i constantly have issues with leaky gaskets.

Here are the flanges cut off

New flange on

Wheel Alignment and fit new tyres

Dropped into Bob Jane in Hornsby today to get a wheel alignment and to strip and fit the new second hand tyres i picked up last week. Had a little drama as they were apparently too busy to do the alignment and wanted to leave the car there for the entire day but worked it all out and got the tyres swapped over and alignment done.

Noticed one of the tyres i picked up must have been from the Scorch Racing S15, how cool is that :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oil Temp Sensor and Ride Height

The oil temp sensor wiring looks to have cooked itself and grounded out so i have been getting errors through on the DL1 and the temp is reading incorrectly.  Pulled it all apart tonight and pulled through some new wires to wire it up tomorrow as i need another plug.
Also need to fix the horn as it fell off whilst @ Wakefield
 Adjusted all the ride heights again and hopefully they are correct and i can get an alignment. The hard thing is the heights are different on the shock body so you can't just adjust them all the same and the ride height is correct. This means lots of adjusting and playing around so will try and get it finished tomorrow night

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picked up some second hand tyres from WTA

Picked up some second hand tyres from Gordon Levin. They are the 295/35 R18 soft A050's and most likely only used for a couple of laps.

$200 a tyre was too good to pass up

Wakefield Speed Off the Streets Day

Ducked down to Wakefield today to get some laps in and check if the gearbox issues had fixed itself. Tried out the new spacers as well.
Gearbox performed flawlessly with

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exhaust Gasket Issues

My exhaust is a mix and match from over the years and the cat pipe's flanges are a different size to the front pipe/cat back sections of the exhaust. The last time

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Front splitter Starting to bow

noticed tonight the front splitter is starting to bow, not sure if it's from repeated hits or is the fiberglass sagging over the foam core.
It is hard to get a photo of it but looking at it with the naked eye it is easy to spot and sagged buy 5 or 6mm either side

New Hubcentric Spacers

Gone to a 25mm front spacer and 20mm rear