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Saturday, October 30, 2010

VCT (VTC) Needs replacing

Well the car was on the dyno today getting the 98oct tune after the new fuel rail was installed and it looks like the vct gear has gotten worse and needs to be replaced.

When i dropped the car off the vct was starting to make some increased noise and i asked them if i should order a replacement then so they can fit it but it looked OK. As it's on the dyno you can see the difference so no i am trying to track down a new VCT.

I have a lot to organize this week to make it to the track day as time has run out which is disappointing. I had started with plenty of time in advance but after Unigroup talked me into getting the cams then it took another week to receive them it has sort of run on a bit and i don't have much time left.

Things to do 

  • pick up car on Monday night from Unigroup
  • Organize the VCT gear from hopefully Uniqueauto
  • Remove VCT and Fit new VCT
  • Fix oil leak in turbo line
  • Fix oil temp sensor problem
  • strip tyres from rims and fit semi slicks to all 8 wheels
  • fit new temp sensors into rims for orange TPMS
  • get wheel alignment
  • take car back to Unigroup and get car tuned
  • fill up jerry cans and car with E85 @ Roselle
  • Load up car and trailer ready for Wakefield Thursday night
lots to do!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fuel Rail and Id1000 injector pictures

Here are some shots of the fuel rail Unigroup have made along with the injectors for the E85 kit on the s14/15. Becasue of the low clearence the rail and injkectors need to have a lower profile where as with the s13 type plenium you have a lot more room.
They are ID1000cc injectors giving a very good spray pattern and the flow needed for the extra fueling requirments of the E85.

Here is some photos of the different parts, also have a Sard fuel reg to go with it

Trial fit some 10in wheels - Buddy Club

these are not my wheels but some we tried from someone elses car. These are 10inch +18 with a 15mm and 20mm spacer, the back of the rim is machined flat so with the spacers the bolts stick out about a further 10-15mm and you can only get a few turns on the wheel nuts. We were just playing around with what the rims look like and they are not to bad.

Attached Image

Saturday, October 16, 2010

dropped the car off at unigroup

Dropped the car of to Unigroup today to instal fuel rail, ID1000 injectors, Sard pressure regulator.
Tune on 98oct, E85 then also a emmisions tune on the E85

Will switch between the tunes when needed