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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diff Cooler Set Up

Some photos of a cool differ cooler with small oil pump installed.

Hankook WRX Underbody Aero

visited a workshop during the week and took some happy snaps of the Hankook WRX underbody aero

Photos from my phone so sorry for the quality

Rear Diffuser
Front spliter

 Rear diffuser

Monday, June 13, 2011

Video - Valve Spring and Cam Removal - How To - SR20Det

Removing Valve Springs
Bleeding Lifters
Installing Cams
Installing Cam Caps
Installing Squirters
Tightening Cam Caps

Changing Valve Springs

Turning the crank to TDC, 
Removing chain guide
Chain Guide
Marking chain and cam
removing chain tensioner
chain tensioner
removing cam caps, note 1/2 turn each cap bolt evenly removing pressure on cam
inlet cam removed
parts laid out in order of what was taken out
removing chain and so exhaust cam can be removed
exhaust cam being removed
removing rocker arms
removing shims with magnetic tool for ease of use

notice shims set in order of removal and on correct size to avoid confusion when re-installing
removing spark plug
screwing in pressure line, this is simply a compression tester line with a fitting on the end to connect the air hose to
around 40psi pressure

Valve spring compressor ready and pressure hose ready to be connected to avoid dropping valves into the engine. The engine pistons are also as a safety precaution at the top and rotated after we do number 1 and 4 cyl.
engage 4th gear as sometimes the pressure can turn the engine, this is a pre-caution
Air hose connected,
1st valve spring removed
compressing the new spring to install the collets
installing the collets

new valve springs lined up
old valve springs
wear on rocker arms, very small but could hint to some valve float as suggested. Picture of each 8 rocker arms.