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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wrong Rod Ends and DL1 Sensors

Bit of an update, the rod bearings were the wrong thread size so have to take them back and get the right thread size. Quiet frustrating but hopefully will be ok except for another wheel alignment being then needed but will set it up for the next track day at the same time rather then doing it twice.
Andrew made a better mount for the DL1 for me and added in TPS and brake switch which will be handy to see throttle control through the corners and combined with the G sensors pick under/over steer up easier.
Need some new discs as the rotors are about stuffed, went to Tony @ V-Sport who no longer works there but aparently DBA don't make the curved vein rotors and only have the kangaroo paw. Not sure about these as have had some previous bad reports on the design but becasue i have the hats it means i need to either suck it up or buy another brand and pay the extra money for the hats and donunts.