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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New bearing for box

Managed to track down the right bearing with a helpful suggestion from Ben (dinissi) to contact award gearbox and diff in seven hills. 

Its a two week wait for a new bearing from Japan as apparently it is the same as the z32 bearing but Stuart Wilkins motorsport and award have organised a deal where we take an existing housing with a bearing in it and put that in the car to get it going and once the bearing arrives he will put it into my housing and give back to award. 
Its getting hopefully all back together tomorrow and Stuart Wilkins motorsport is going to triple check everything when putting back together and hopefully everything will be good going forward.
God knows i need some good luck for a change.

Thanks to Kim, Andrew, unigroup, arup and Ben for looking around for a replacement, it has been appreciated and i am very thankful for your assistance.
Also special thanks to Stuart Wilkins motorsport for fitting me in at short notice and helping out with it all. Know why Stuart has been in business for so long and recommend him highly after Andrew.

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