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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Craft Square Mirrors

Picked up some second hand Craft Square mirrors a little while back and when i got them they needed a bit of work to make them look OK. 

A few scratches and marks on the carbon and the metal pieces were quiet bad. I purchased them off someone who i meet a little while back and didn't bother getting close up photos or asking lots of question on the condition and happily paid the $600 asking price plus $30 del, hind sight i would have bought them new.
Tried to take some photos as i pulled them apart and tried to clean them up with the buffing pad, came up better but not perfect.

After some elbow grease
You can still see the pitting and poor surface condition so more work is needed.
The plastic pieces that bolt on,
scratches and marks on the plastic

This is after cleaning and polishing up the plastic then applying some gel to try and bring them back up.
A bit better then before
The metal on the mirrors
Taping up the mirrors to avoid any further scratches or buffing marks
After some more elbow grease

Some progress on the first mirror and back together to see how it looks
Onto the buffer pad

Pulling off the door trim to get to the power wire for the mirror

Power plug for the mirror
Unbolting the std mirror
Mirror off

Fitting the Craft Square mirror
Cover panel back on

They didn't have the stickers on them so i might ask Andrew to see how much to make some up as i like the stickers on them.

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