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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diff Damage Photos

Photos of the damaged diff from Wakefield, was very worried i had broken the gearbox and wanted to wait to find out for sure as i have had enough of a run of bad luck with the car lately.

Shot of the diff plug kind of gives you a hint of things to come
It has taken some chunks out of the crown wheel which is no small feat
Basically the pinion gear has had a tooth or something sheared off and caused all of the damage

The Nismo 2 way has a different slope on the deceleration which is good to know maybe a 60/40 slope

Pulling the diff apart there is lots of shards of metal from the pinion gear throughout however none of the plates or center is damaged which is good. Needs a very good clean up though. 

Stuart is going to play around with the pre-load on the plates and switch some around to lesson the amount of load the diff is on as basically it was originally set up to be on the most aggressive setting with the plates in the configuration they were in.

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