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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Circuit Club - Wakefield Park - New PB

Got a call on Saturday night that spots had opened up at the Circuit Club day on the June long weekend Monday. Was in two minds if i wanted to go but really wanted to get out again after the last time having so many dramas with the diff breaking, the weather was not looking good but thought the worst that can happen is that it is rained out and we turned around and came home.

Left home @ 5:15am and got to Wakefield @ 7:50am, it was raining most of the way and upon arrival was misting slightly. We unloaded and went to the drivers briefing which i found out the first sessions were passenger sessions which suited me fine.


First session i got out @ 9:40am, the Temp was 8.5deg with the track temp even less @ 6deg. The wind was gusting up to about 14.4klm per hour, had some slight drizzle that tapper off by the time i went out. There was a lot of traffic as i would find out is a bit of an issue at the CC days with cars significantly slower in the same group, best time of the session was 1:04.83.
Second session was @ 11:10am, the temp was up to 9.3 deg and the track had risen slightly to 7.3 deg. Wind was about the same as the first session but there was no drizzle and the previous sessions had laid down some rubber.
I tried to get some clean air and by the forth lap managed to slot myself into some space. On the exit of turn 5 i had a fair bit of opposite lock which cost me dearly then the run into turn 7 i locked up quiet badly. It was a pretty messy lap and honestly not sure how i managed to get a time,
Managed a 1:03.81 which i was really happy with.

I came back in and found that the radiator overflow bottle had been spewing coolant out all over the place which might have been why the front left was locking up as it was enough to cover the passenger side of the front spliter. The rear diff housing breather hose had been left off after the diff change so diff oil had spewed out all across the back of the car and over the rear diffuser and subframe. It was a mess and spent the next 30min cleaning it all up.

photos from the day that matthewmead

A little while ago i picked up a new toy from Jaycar to help with my data analysis, it is called a anemometer and measures air temperature and wind speed.

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