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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Perspex windows and gutted doors

Part way through fitting the perspex windows i picked up, i originally tried to get them off a guy in Melbourne who wanted a bit more then i could get them from PFP but he didn't seem really keen so i made some other plans and organised to get some made up locally.
Ended up costing me less then getting them from PFP and they were really well mde i was very impressed,

This is a shot of them just
sitting in the door after i bolted the square tube section on
 Then the section tube section fitted after checking the location of the perspex and making sure it fitted up under the window frame so was secure
 Here it is fitted up


  1. Hey mate good to see you working on the car again. I've just started looking into perspex windows for my 14. Everyone local is more expensive then p4p. So I will probably go with them. I like the way you've mounted your windows. Did that ally square section just bolt into that space and happen to have the right offset so that the window sits in the correct place. Also do you find that your windows bow out at speed or do they sit pretty tight.cheers mate

  2. Hey Danny, Cheers its been a little while but nice to be getting close to getting it back on the track.

    In regards to your question, the square ally tube worked really well and had the right angle to fit nicely. The little holes in it are where the screws go into the top section of the back of the outside door skin. This top section is like a C-Channel and part of the factory door.

    That square tube is then sandwiched with another square tube on top it puts even pressure across the length of the screen. The two are screwed together (drilled the holes first to avoid cracking the perspex in the middle.

    As to if they blow out.....
    I have yet to try it out and it is a concern so i can't say for sure if they will blow out or not. If you can see though they actually tuck into the standard outer hard plastic section that goes around the door where the normal glass tucks up into at full extension. It means it is held in place all the way around the perspex. The thought is that this will be enough support it, only time will tell.

  3. Sounds good I will see how I go with it. I did notice that p4p make some ally plates that are the same shape as the window to hold them in place. Should be easy enough to make if they do pop out.