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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sensor Values Reading Incorectly - Fixed

Tonight i finally worked out what was causing some of the readings on the dash from the sensors that are on the front loom to not read correctly. These were pretty important sensors like Oil Pressure and Oil temp.
After fixing the resistor issue i worked out tonight that i had the wires going into the back of the DL1 on the wrong side.
A picture explains it better but i had the first yellow wire on the right which is A2 actually in the A1 position (it is correct in this pic). Every wire was on the wrong side.....
I had basically probed everything back with my multi meter and could see all the sensors were getting power and confirmed that they were wired up correctly but when i was checking the small loom between where it comes out from the dash and into the DL1 i was getting conflicting values and it didn't seem right so i pulled out all the wires from this section and started over again.
This is when i worked out the issue.

Every sensor works with the exception of the diff temp sensor now but it is a separate loom and i can look at it another time.

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