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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - Center Console

I didn't get much work done this weekend on the car with a fair few other things on but last this afternoon i wanted to at least get the center console started as i needed it to work out where everything will mount to.

I am thinking about the top section so i just cut it roughly so i could get the sides made up. The sides bolt to the standard dash bar and the front panel just has 4 screws to remove. This will make it relay easy to work on and get easy access too.

I want to put the start switch and battery isolation switch on this panel along with the circuit breakers. I am toying with the idea of mounting the relays on the side of the console but it would mean i have to cut the bottom half of the dash. 

I am not sure about this so let me know your thoughts ( would angle them the other way with where my finger is being more towards the gear stick then the top)

 I would basically cut off the bottom section here.

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