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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Loom Update.

Well after a couple of good weekends I have managed to crank the car over and test the wiring circuits.

I am still a while off finishing the wiring however am in the process of now removing the entire loom and covering it with motorsport military grade heat shrink (SE28, Raychem).

This was a step I took as I wanted to ensure everything worked before covering it all up.

With the wiring I had some issues early on with the ignition circuit and what I thought was a faulty ignitor but after purchasing another I worked out it was a grounding issue and quickly fixed.
Next I found I had the pins on the injectors and ignition around the wrong way as I thought the cylinders went 1234 from the firewall but its actually the other way around.

Following that I decided I wasnt going to run a crank and cam trigger just yet but I will leave the extra shielded wire in the loom just in case. As a result I had to rewire the shielded wires for the Nissan CAS.

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