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Monday, June 11, 2018

Trackday - Eastern Creek GP

I was lucky enough to attend today's Skylines Australia track day at Sydney Motorsport Park GP circuit. I only managed one session and had a few issues, the overflow bottle was getting full and not draining back into the radiator.

The silicon hose from the throttle body to the turbo BOV looks to have broken either coming off at the bov or getting caught in something so i had to replace it after the first session.
Also had terrible trouble in scrutineering getting pinged for seat belt out of date, extinguisher out of date and no valve caps.

I explained that the date on the harness was a manufacture date and they acknowledged that which as lucky but i had to buy a new extinguisher and pinch the valve caps from the falcon.
Managed to get onto the track and lots of traffic resulted in a best of a 1min 45sec lap.

The drivers door window was blowing out down the straight and then it felt like i was down on power (must have been the vacuum leak from the silicon hose). Then towards the end of the session after coming into put lane i could not get it into gear, the clutch was not engaging so i had to call it a day. It looks like an issue with the clutch fork or pivot as it will go into gear when the car is not running but after the car is running it wont go into gear.
Checked it out when i got home and it is still moving so not sure what the cause might be,

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