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Monday, August 19, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - The Wire - MIL Spec Wire Arrived

The wire I ordered arrived today. Cost wise it was actually a similar price to what I paid for the normal electrical wire but the extra cost will come in the tools needed to strip the wire.

 You can use a
razor blade but you will cut some of the strands or weaken the wire so really you need a proper wire stripper and the proper ones cost a fair bit. The other benefit is that the wire is able to manage higher temperatures, in the case of this spec wire it can cope with 150deg.
This is great in an engine bay close to hot things but also means for the same wire size it can cope with a higher current.

He is the 22awg next to the 3mm tyco wire that was used in the old wiring job
 And the same wire compared to the very thin hook up wire used.
Massive difference in the sizes and weight. Also below is a quick demonstration between the two, first one i light is the normal automotive wire and the second is the mil spec stuff. It is a little black from the match but actually doesn't burn. Pretty cool stuff.

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