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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Re-Wire, Re-Started - The Tools - Mil Spec Wire Stripper

As i mentioned in when i was showing the Mil Spec wire in an earlier post, you really need proper tools to strip the wires with. The coating is so thin and so strong it is next to impossible to strip with a pair of normal pliers without doing damage especially the smaller wire gauge stuff. You can use a razor blade but it is tedious and also you cant do it without removing a few strands or wire or nicking a strand or two potentially weakening the crimp joints you may be using.

Preparing Wire & Cable.pdf

The only way to strip them seems to be with the proper tools and doing a bit of research i keep coming up with an American company called
"Ideal". Ideal Industries

These guys make a few different products but their wire strippers are second to none. Most places i found did not have a spec product for the MIL-W-22759/16 wire so i din't have a lot of alternatives and those alternatives that i did find, were all north of $300 US.
With the Ideal ones add in the exchange rate and delivery and the cheapest price for just the strippers and that didn't have to wait 6 weeks was $200.93 US ( but the place would only do wire transfers costing another $30us and wanted $70us to ship. This meant that the "cheap price" went up to over $300 US. I contacted the AUS distributor and picked up a set of quality Ideal 45-1987 strippers here from Crimptech and was actually better off and the guy was really helpful.

The prices the US places charge for shipping are incredible and the service from some of the ones i contacted was not very helpful.

 This is the neat box it comes in

Here is the actual wire strippers. They have a lovely action and strip the wire effortlessly

I have the MIL spec die installed but you can buy other dies to do other wires as you need them which means it is multiple tools in one and a tool i will have for a life time.

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