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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Firewall Alternator Power Connector

This afternoon I was pretty happy with myself. After 2 weeks of doing nothing much aside from things to do with other then car i managed to get into the shed and watch the Wakefield 300 and then V8s whilst fiddling with the car.

I managed to get the Alternator firewall connector drilled and pretty much fitted as well as changing the rear of the power panel. I had to do this as after deciding to go with the Tyco isolation switch I needed to change the wiring around a bit.


  1. Hey mate, Ive been following your blog for ages, such an awesome car you've built. I'm currently building my own s14 and I was wondering if I could get a little bit of info off you if you wouldn't mind. My email address is Its just in regards to mounting the rear wing. any help would be massively appreciated.

  2. Hey Danny, thanks heaps.
    Reply here if its easier, what did u want to know?

  3. no worries, I've been looking for a wing for a while now and I'm pretty much at the point where kognition looks like the way to go for what I'm after. I don't want a boot mounted kit, but I don't want to cut up the rear fenders and I want it removable still.
    what I wanted to know if you wouldn't mind sharing is how you managed to mount your wing. From the pictures I can see the ally brackets you have made up but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a little bit more detail. Maybe some photos, or if that's pushing it,just some details.

    The other question is when you bought the wing as a chassis mount did you have to modify the uprights at all to bolt up to your new bracket or was it a pretty good fit. Im just trying to decide if I should order the chassis mount wing with the boot mount uprights for the correct mounting widths, or just to get chassis mount and cut it.

    thanks heaps for any info your willing to share.


  4. Dan,
    I will take some photos for you and put up a new post.
    In regards to purchasing from Kognition I would not recommend it at all, guy is a complete wanker and I had to use paypal charge back in a very long and draining attempt at fraud. I was lucky my credit card company stepped in and sorted it all out for me. When I finally got my wing it was poorly finished and had dings in the surface.

  5. Thanks mate appreciate it. I did see what you wrote about him, I was hoping it could be put to a very bad one off experience, but normally it . Just difficult to find a good effective wing that can be delivered for under 2.5g.
    Thanks Thanks again for your help. What ever I get, the pics will definitely be a big help.

  6. NP, i have put up some photos for you. It was hard to get in behind to see but you should be able to work it out.
    Shoot me a link to some photos of your car

  7. Thanks for the pics, Looks good, nice and simple design. I will try and manufacture something similar I think, I like it. Here is a link to my car, shes a bit bunky, but as you know they are always a work in progress.

  8. doesn't work for me?
    What type of car is it?

  9. Oh not sure why that doesn't work I just copied and pasted in my browser and it worked, I don't really have anywhere else to put the pictures.
    It is same as yours s14a.