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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tuned Up

Well after a few issues the car managed to make 294 rwkw on 22 psi which is a little lower than I was hoping but I didn't want to go much about 22 psi boost.
Interestingly the power curve is nearly exactly the same as the GTRS but at the top end it keeps making power and ends up
35 rwkw more at the top end.

I can't recommend DVS tuning highly enough. I was truly impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and how well he continued to keep me up to date.
As you could imagine when you completely rebuild and rewiring a car it can be hard to trace issues that might be found and some workshops just tune anyway. Jez took the time to thoroughly check everything he was able to quickly find the issues with the Pump, fuel system, filter, injectors and also with the intercooler and intercooler piping.

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