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Monday, March 19, 2018

Dash & Logger

I have had some troubles with the Race Technology Dash 2 and DL1 logger of late and it has taken a while to work it out.

To fix it i had tried contacting the Australian distributor Adaptronic but they were not helpful at all as i had purchased it from the distributor in Australia prior so i think they didn't want anything to do with it, that and as i didn't have one of there ecus maybe.
I emailed the UK guys who have been great so far.

Bascially a lot of the sensors havent been showing and also the dash has funny information on it. It was really bugging me and i had thought the issues was with the new way i had set up all the sensors but as it turns out it was just a software issue.
I had updated the firmware on the dash and logger to 10.06

And thought i was using the
latest PC software which was 8.50250 but actually there was a latter version 8.50342. 

This new version had some major updates and changes to set up screens meaning that when i was using the older version it wasn't talking to the new firmware wasn't working properly.
Old Dash 2 Setup Screen

New Dash 2 Setup Screen

Once i had updated it all on the PC, i was able to get it all running on the Dash with the exception of the different sensor channel calculations to display on the dash 2.
There are 4 internal Dash 2 channels which work fine but the 8 external ones i have coming from the DL1, the Dash 2 needs to understand what they are.
Previously you entered the sensor measurements into a piece of the software that then gave you the correct formula which would display the correct information on the Dash2.
They have changed this for some reason on the latest update so i need some help with entering the formulas which i will hopefully have a reply on soon

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