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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Short Circuit causing Positive +12v cable and Negative cable on Battery to get hot

After installing the loom and dash back into the car i was able to start it up and had no troubles. When i went to screw the center panel back in and i turned the power on the start i could see that the negative battery cable got really hot. Tracing everything back i worked out it was only when i screwed the center panel back in that i had the short.

Checking all of the terminals
and power cables i could not find the short, i worked out that the power distribution block was grounding out on the center panel when power was put to it.
It didn't show with a multi meter as it was far enough away from the panel but with the current going through it that's when it would short and only when the panel was screwed in place.

Distribution block
You can see in the red circle where it has grounded slightly
 There are two spring washers underneath
 Washer now removed and you can see the difference in height
 Added shielding just in case

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