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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Car primered

Well after stuffing around for a bit with different things and not having much time to do anything lately i pulled my finger out and etch and primered the car today.
Here is the garage all taped off to stop a lot of the overspray from the primer going everywhere over everything in the garage.
 I didn't get any action shots and will remember to take some when i put the base coat on but here is all the interior primered. This is just after spraying so i havene't sanded or anything yet, pretty happy with everything so far but the base coat will be the one that will show much more of any imprefecions.

 Passenger footwell behind the cage was diffacult and i had to flick primer into there to get coverage.
 Roof was a real pain and where i first started to paint, it is really hard to get everything coated and even with the roll cage in there.


  1. Hi,

    I have a S14 also and would like to paint with the same color has yours!

    Can you tell me the reference and brand?


  2. Sorry Helder for taking so long to reply.
    The colour is Mazda Artic White, was on the Mazda 3 i think (2006 model)