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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Modified Cast Arm Mounts

Been wax and greese removing today and got a little bored so switched jobs and went and finished off the arms so i can send off to get sand blasted and powder coated next week

Sanded back the edges so i would have a nice clean weld area
 I didn't have any metal to make them out of so i
used a section of left over metal from the bits i have cut out.
 I cut the section into two pieces and shaped it roughly to how i wanted it before tacking it onto the arms
 Becasue it was so thin it was hard as i did it with the mig rather then the Tig welder as i had everything set up to go and all the bits i needed.
 I could have left it there but i wanted it to be a smooth as possiable so i decieded to gound it back a bit as well.

 Pretty good penetration of the weld which i was happy about considering the thickness difference i had to andle the gun away from the thinner piece of metal and do inch long sections switching back and forth between sides.

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