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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Bushes and Traction Arms

I think i should have just left the nolathane sub frame cradle bushes in as to be honest there really wasn't anything wrong with them but to get the sub frame powder coated i had to remove them.
When i think of it this is a waste of time and money which considering i have so much to do i really shouldn't have done it but i am where i am and i had to buy some replacement bushing so i bought some SPL solid bushes for the sub frame, solid ones for the diff and whilst i was at it i replaced the knuckle bushings with SPL spherical bearings and also traction rod which i still had as standard but with the nolathane inserts.

Here is a link from 2004 when the car was used to design the Noltec bushings for the 200sx which Whiteline eventually bought out and aparently use some of there moulds now.

Sub frame Bushes

Diff Bushes
 Knuckle bushings which are spherical bearings
 Bought these traction arms at the same time

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