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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brake Ducts - Part four

So the next piece of the brake ducts it attaching the duct somewhere so it can direct cool air into the center of the brake rotor. I was lucky enough to have an old caliper mounting bracket so could use this to would out the spacing holes for the bolts.
I had some left over sheet from another job and it was thick enough to use and would be ok for the job.
Here i have cut out the shape with the dremal tool and drilled the holes for the bolts
50mm spout
Nice and snug, this took a long time to do and meant lots of grinding out small bits and double checking. Because it was so tight and such a nice fit i almost was going to leave it at that.
But i decided to pop rivet the spout on just to be sure
bolted up to the caliper bracket

Duct trial fitted for placement of the hose, i put the duct on the front in between the caliper and hub because it looked like the best spot for the hose to come in and most least likely to foul on the wheel.

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