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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fiberglass center surround - One

I have had a piece of aluminium covered with black vinyl wrap for some time and it isn't the nicest looking piece. I originally intended to modify the factory surround but somewhere along the line i lost it and the aluminium has been in it's place.

This morning i started to fiberglass the surround and build up the thickness so i can eventually high fill and cover with carbon vinyl wrap. Hope it will all turn out OK as this is my first time playing with fiberglass

So here is the piece and i have already cut out the cloth i need to the right side, very important you have everything ready to go first before you mix the resin up
 All taped off and with extra newspaper to catch any drips that might fall as i have to do underneath the bottom section as well
 This is with 2 base layers of glass, a layer of foam and another layer of glass on top
Leaving it to dry as the center section i am having trouble getting the air pockets out of which you might be able to see, i have rolled it a bit more after this shot and it is a bit better but not 100% happy so will wait for it to dry and then start to add some more layers in and build up the thickness.

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