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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oil Cooler Duct - Part One

So at the same time as doing the brake ducts and center console the other job i have been putting off for a while is ducting the oil cooler to the front bar.
This is quiet tricky as i have to get the shape of the front bar and also flow it back to the cooler so it meant i needed to take the front bar off.

Here i am masking up the section and have added a flat piece at the top which is just under the indicator, this will be the top of the duct as above this is the brake duct.
All glassed up, this was not as fiddly as the brake ducts but i still needed to be careful i didn't get anything on the paint. You can't see it but under the tape is some spaced sections i put in between the duct and fiberglass bar, this is for the mesh mounts and ensures i can still have something stopping rocks going into the oil cooler.
I forgot to take a shot of the first piece when i removed it but here it is at the back of the front bar on the car and i am adding braces and supports so i can work out the ducting side which runs to the cooler. I had to make it in two pieces as it was to complex to do it in one piece and get around the edge and on top.
I needed to remove the front bar to make all the ducting but first i had to temp fix the front section of the duct to sections of the car. I had to ensure it was enough to support the weight of the duct and also all the bracing etc i would put on it and so i can remove the front bar to get access to make the second section of the duck.
This was quiet hard and i used paddle pop sticks and hot melt glue gun to do it all.
This is part way through the ducting, i have removed it from the car to allow me to further brace it all up and tape up all the edges ready for glassing. You can see how complicated it is and i spent hours fiddling with it on and off the car to get it right.

I made curves and angles so that the air will flow in smoothly to the cooler, i made sure the edges go all the way around to the edge of the oil cooler so all the air is forced through.

Here is the first layer of glass, i am using too thick a mat and it is hard to get all the bubbles out. Rather then add in more layers i am going to let this dry overnight and then add some more layers tomomorow.

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