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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Front Brake Ducts - Part One

So i got a bit motivated today and wanted to get some jobs i had been planning for donkeys actually started and maybe done. First off the ranks was fixing the cooling issue to the brakes. With the front splitter i think that the front brakes are getting far less air then what they used too and the front rotors seem to get more cracks in them, i think also going quicker is some of the issue but never the less i needed to sort it out.
I wanted to make something neat and that fits into the vertex ridge kit which meant buying something off the shelf was not going to work so i decided to make it up myself.

Here i am taping up the section i am about to fiberglass, i also waxed the tape just to be sure and spent a lot of time sealing all the edges etc so i didn't get too many leaks from the resin.

Laying down the fiberglass and wetting it up, notice i have all my pieces of glass cut out already and plenty of newspaper to catch the drips. 
It's a messy job

Here it is all glassed up, yes the back section is glassed but more on that latter :)
Passenger side with the tow hook in the road, i decided to go over the hook but still not sure about this

All glassed up

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