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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Extra storage added to the ceiling in garage

Been busy building some extra storage that comes down from the ceiling in the garage. The aim is to put up some of the stuff laying around so it is out of the way and away from getting damaged. Will also help me get the shed a little more organised neat and tidy, i have over enginered it a bit so i could put heavy items like wheels etc if needed or dead body's...

I have now lots more extra plastic pannels and bits and pieces from stripping the car more so i can put all this up out of the way in here now. I plan on putting some more lights over the bench as well to give extra light.

Here i have built all the frame and just finished screwing on the first piece of 9mm ply, i did all this on the 41deg day so was absolutly buggered.

This will be trimmed but becasue of the brick wall and different angles it is easier to place the full sheet up having just trimmed on the wall section then once it's all up i will trim off the longer sections on the front.
 I will box this side in with the ply as well that i cut off from the main sections
You might be able to see in the top left corner of this photo how the ceiling is not flat, there is no battens where the cornice goes on so the gyprock has turned up. When i screwed the hanger plates on it pushed all the gyprock back up flat but this section curved the other way.

Will get up some picks of the finished product and will try and get a coat of paint on it

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