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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Roll Cage Progress 2/3 Way Through

The cage is progressing well with all the main welding complete and the triangled pieces into the front of the car. The box sections are being made up and a few of the extra bars yet to be added in.

Rear section bar welded to the strut tower,

 Cross brace tacked in
 Will need to do some clean up and painting to seal it properly
 The old holes from the bolt in cage have been welded up
 And ground back which will come up nice and not let water in now
 Main hoop box section being made up

 Front diagonal brace to the front strut tower, had to slightly trim the section where the accelerator cable wend through but this was done very neatly and i was very happy with how it turned out
 Lots of wiring to do now
 Triangle brace going to front strut
 Through firewall
Passenger side

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