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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stripping Car - Wiring Loom, Doors, Bonnet, Guards and remaining interior removal

I got started in the afternoon after i cleaned up the shed and storage, stripped the front bar, guards and bonnet off as well as the entire wiring loom and doors.

 Took off the bonnet, doors and guards. Looks pretty cool in this shot

 Also removed a section of the oil cooler, the front section of the wiring loom on the drivers side and bumber support bar.
I had to take out some of the intercooler piping and BOV to make it easier to trace all of the wires corectly but easy enough to put back in.

 Here the front section is out
 I labeled all the conections so i knew what was what on the loom and what i want to remove or if i am going to replace it entirly - how long each wire run section needs to be.
 Here is most of it out and labeled.
 Everything is out of the car, need to pull out the handbrake and gear shifter lever and then all the sensor wires.
 You might notice the neat job done with the std dash bar, everyhing mounts up easily and simply. It does not weight much either.
 All the loom except for the rear section from the boot back and the engine loom.

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