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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Brake duct - checking the clearance & shaping the transition using stockings

After fiber glassing one side using a mix of paddle pop sticks and thin metal and leaving to dry overnight i checked the clearances over the oil cooler and they were good.

I then trimmed off the paddle pop sticks and extra fiberglass before cutting down the PVC pipe to ensure a smooth entry and angle into the pipe, i used a stocking to get the desired angle and
marked the line to cut, then cut with a dremal type tool.

I then used some stockings (ignore the line as it was just on the stockings) and hot melt glue holding them in place to get the shape between the original duct and the PVC pipe and added resin to hold the shape. I will trim off the excess stockings once dry and fiberglass over the resign coated stockings.