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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oil Cooler Duct - Part 3 - Finish

Removing the foam from the center of the duct was relatively easy to do, there was a fair bit of the masking tape that had to be removed from the duct.

Trial fitted the
oil cooler duct with the front bar on to get before making up some mounts to fit it to the car
 Making mounts for the right side to mount to the chasis rail using m5 bolts and a m6 rivnut.
I used large washers to spread the load a bit as well.

 Welded up a mount for the left hand side and added a section to brace as well, was pretty happy with my welds.
 I used a cable tie to hold the duct in place why i trial fitted and made the mounts up.
 Mount made up and bolted into the fiberglass duct.
Applying the flowcoat
Sanded and then applying some filler
Sanded most of the filer and flowcoat off then reapplied a thin coat of flowcoat.
Fitted all finished

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