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Friday, May 4, 2018

Modify drivers side brake duct

I have to modify the drivers side brake duct to clear the oil cooler. A while ago i had moved the cooler back on that side to cut down on weight from extra lines and also so i can attach the ducting to the brakes.

Bit hard working out where it all needs to go but with the use of paddle pop sticks, pvc pipe and a hot melt glue glue i was able to roughly get the angles right and clearances for the cooler

I had to cut down the original duct so there is sufficient angle and room to get the duct over the cooler

When i went to use the fiberglass resin it had geled, i could scrape enough out and used it with some MEK which is the catalyst.

Using a mix of paddle pop sticks and a small flat piece of metal i was able to get one side formed and have left to dry, hopefully this will be strong enough to then form up the rest of the duct.

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