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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Oil Cooler Duct - Part 1

Tonight after putting the kids to bed i started to frame up how i want the oil cooler duct to work. I am going to block off the side duct and just have this oil cooler and brake duct. It is a bit of a compromise for aerodynamics but i want to make sure that i can do multiple laps at a time as the car is primarily used at track days.
If i want latter i can make a section up to temporarily block these off for those one lap dash's.
The photos are taken just as i am starting to wet out the first layer of fiberglass. The resin is now pretty much had it and i should have thrown it out but i thought i would give it another go, terrible to work with and i was pulling gelled globs out of the glass.
Silly thing is i have another 4ltrs of resin sitting on the shelf unopened.
I will add a few more layers with some fresh resin tomorrow and then work on using some foam to build out the shape of the duct from the oil cooler.

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