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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Radiator Clean

I dumped the coolant and pulled the radiator out thinking i would take it to a radiator place to get it flushed. There is a bit of black crud inside and what looks like calcification inside the cooler but also the outside is pretty dirty and needs a good clean.
From memory i brought the radiator and
it was a PWR core used in V8 supercars, not sure this is true but calling PWR they recommended just using a product called MUKOWT by Tectaloy, it is an alkaline based gentle cleaner and you drain the coolant then refill with a mix of water and MUKOWT and run the engine for 20min minimum. I will grab some and give it a try tomorrow.

In the mean time i tried some Chemtech Aluminum cleaner on the outside to clean some of the bad marks and dirt, the stuff is fantastic. I tried it first on a small section just in case it caused issues but it cleaned it fantastically.
I used it without diluting and agitated with a little toothbrush and it came right nack up. No to do the entire cooler.

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