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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Radiator & Intercooler Duct - Part 2 - Foam Mould

I picked up some 30 mm foam board to use for the shape of the Radiator & Intercooler duct, it was pretty cheap at Bunning's for $12.50 a sheet but because some of the panels were marked and ends damaged i got them for $7ea. I purchased 3 sheets.
I then set about cutting and hot melt gluing the sheets together building up the shape i
wanted and angling it towards the front bar opening.

 The first piece i focused on getting the edges at the right angles and coverage of the cooler.
 The second piece i started to angle it down, you can see in this pick where i still need to add a bit at the bottom.
 This section is to clear the headlights
 The supports i had to bend back temporally to get the foam in and out.
 This is the last piece and shows some of the angles cut with a knife and also on my bandsaw.

I then put the foam in place and fitted the front bar, taping the foam and using paddle pop sticks to attached the previous fiberglass mold of the front bar duct to the new mold.
This gives me the correct spacing and i can work on the mold.
 I have started to cut down the foam and use bog (builders bog)/Bondo to fill in all the little gaps and get the smooth flow for the cooler.

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