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Friday, May 4, 2018

Radiator & Intercooler Duct - Part 1 - Headlight supports

I am looking at making some ducting for the radiator and intercooler from fiberglass, the first problem is the headlight supports, they are quiet wide and will block some of the airflow as well as make it difficult to place the fiberglass around.

I was looking at ideas and I wanted to use as much of the factory mounting points for ease. Also at a latter stage i may make a custom headlight panel (replacing the headlights), so didn't want to change things too much.

I was able to make up out of 3mm aluminium flat bar a piece that duplicates the mounting points and added a small twist to the bar to lesson the frontal area for the ducting.
Using m6 rivnuts and weighting the whole thing it was less than half the weight of the original. Need to make up the other side and pop rivet the top on the same way as the factory.

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