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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Radiator & Intercooler Duct - Part 4 - Finish

Removing the fiberglass mold from the foam was a little difficult and i needed to melt the foam with some acetone.

 Removing the duct from the mold there was some timing and fixing of sections that had some air bubbles in. I sanded these down and re-fiber glassed.
Checking fit of the duct to the front bar, used masking tape to hold in place
 Tried fitting the headlights and found that they still hit the duct so had to cut out a section to allow them to fit
Changed my mind on the headlight mounts and decided to have a short piece and trim the duct slighly

 Trial fitting the headlight mounts before i placed a rivnut into the radiator support bar

Applying the flow coat
Sanded and then applied filler
Sanded the majority of the filler off as well as the flowcoat then reapplied a thin layer of flow coat.
Added brackets and foam sealing tape to seal the duct to the intercooler.

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